Carbon DR Chrono

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Description: The DR (Doppler Radar) Chronograph functions as a personal chrono. The device is bluetooth compatible and pairs easily to a personal smart phone/ tablet to measure the velocity of a projectile. Shots over the chrono are displayed on your Apple or Android phone/tablet screen thus taking out all of the extra costs associated with standard chronographs.

To Use: Turn The DR Chrono on by touching the On Button. Once chrono is on, open up the app on your smart device. Click "connect" when the device is found. For best results, place the product on a stable surface (ie. table or mount) and shoot over the top. Results will be shown directly on your smart device screen.


  • Durable nylon composition
  • Universal mounting system
  • Device runs on 3xAAA batteries (not included). 
  • Optional settings: Feet Per Second (FPS), Miles Per Hour (MPH), Kilometers Per Hours (KMH) or Meter Per Second (MS). 
  • Download Application free by searching "DR Chronograph" in the App or Play Store.
  • Maximum velocity 450 FPS